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Sales Team Tune-up
1-day onsite team training with ongoing motivation and encouragement to reinforce new skills.
Sales System Reboot
4-12-week program including facilitation of onsite weekly sales meetings along with weekly trainings, in person and online. Ongoing motivation and encouragement to reinforce new skills. Advanced sales process evaluation and improvement. Customer acquisition cost evaluation. Weekly executive coaching to ensure company-wide adoption of new sales practices.
Transition Coaching
Coaching executives and staff through times of transition such as mergers and acquisitions, rapid growth or downsizing. Changing the focus of your company. Transition to a new location. Any major disruption or change in the status quo of your company.
In-depth Sales Process Analysis
Mapping your sales process from beginning to end. Identifying the areas that need improvement and the things that are working well.
Events/Trade Shows Dress Rehearsal
Full training for your team to make the most of any event – customized to the size of your team and the event.

  •       Planning and preparation
  •       Goal setting
  •       The Event
  •       The Day After the event
  •       Maximizing your follow up
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What Our Clients Are Saying:

Scott is a natural leader, his mentorship and coaching helped the team grow quickly and become effective almost immediately. He is driven to success, doesn’t know the meaning of the word fail. Works hard and smart while being positive and forward looking. Scott is a “Salesman” in every sense of the word, great networker, never meets a stranger, answers his phone and will always call you back. When you want it sold, call Scott!
David B.

Executive Consultant

Scott has empowered me with useful knowledge and guidance and been very supportive which enabled me to make decisions independently. Scott equipped me with confidence to materialize ideas with his mentorship. Scott is an inspiration, both as a leader and as a person. His optimism and positive energy is contagious and motivating. He has an impeccable way of connecting with people and genuinely cares about his team and understands what motivates them professionally.
Allyson C.

Projects Development Specialist

Scott has been a trusted advisor for many years. His industry knowledge sets him apart and exceeds all others by a long shot. His charm and charisma make him approachable and gives him the ability to communicate and work with professionals at every level in an organization. As a bonus to me, he is always aware of organizations that are growing or organizations that are at risk where professionals may need a pathway to a new endeavor. He is always on top of his game with technical knowledge and predictions of what will become the next big thing. Scott has expertise in successfully grow and lead a successful team of professionals and has a strong track record of meeting and exceeding revenue goals.
Laura E.


Scott is one of the best sales managers I have ever met. His attitude and style in sales, a mentality that is transferred to you by the very first minute, makes him successful. Scott is highly educated and very honest sales manager, with the ability to communicate the right message. His personal style and his professionalism ‘win’ you from the beginning, something that adds up to the amazing personal character he has and deserves.  I am proud to call Scott not just a great business partner but also a friend.
Kostas D.

CEO and Founder

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