Growing Your Business


Lead Generation

Lead generation is a multi-faceted topic with beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert levels. Lead generation is a technique that needs to be mastered just as time management, networking, process improvement and rapport building.

Sully takes lead generation to the next level encompassing door to door marketing, association marketing, event marketing, database mining, referral networking, and open networking.

Referral Program/Mining Your Customer Database

Using the credibility of others greatly increases the probability of the sale and there is no better way of getting credibility than through referrals and testimonials. Scott will help you develop a referral program that works!

Lead Conversion

All the leads in the world don’t matter until you convert them to sales agreements. Sully works with your team to identify the key performance indicators (KPIs) so that you have the data necessary to know the health of your business processes.

Sales Team Tune-Up

As the complexity of the sale process continues to increase so must the skills and abilities of the sales team. Sully works with your sales executives identifying the most economical and effective staffing ratio maximizing revenue and profits.

Sales System Reboot

This 12-week intensive program may include facilitation of onsite weekly sales meetings along with weekly training, in person and online. Advanced sales process evaluation and improvement. Customer acquisition cost evaluation and identify total addressable market (TAM). Ongoing motivation and encouragement to reinforce new skills.

In-depth Sales Process Analysis

Mapping your sales process from beginning to end. Identifying the areas that need improvement and the things that are working well

Planning / Presentation / Follow-Up (PPF)

All sales start with PPF – great planning, stellar presentation, and the most important is excellent follow up. We combine state of the art software with comprehensive training for your sales staff to enhance your closing ratio.

The Art vs. Science of Sales

Some people have natural sales ability and others have to work at it, either way, Sully helps add the science to the sales process. The “Art” is the natural ability and the “Science” is selling by the numbers.

Sales Communication

Clear and concise communication with a client is always paramount, however, selling internally is a close second. Sully coaches you and your team on the most effective communication methodologies custom tailored to your company.


Tactical vs. Strategic Marketing

Strategic marketing also known as business branding is all about awareness and recognition. Sully concentrates on the tactical side of marketing which has a direct impact on sales. What does your sales team need in terms of marketing materials or marketing products to close the best sale? Sometimes the lines get blurred. Sully helps to remove the fog.

Event Marketing

Make the most of every event by customizing the processes, procedures and goals for each particular event with your specific team. Sully walks you through every step of the process starting with planning and preparation, how to make the most of the day of the event, and the all important follow up.

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