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One-on-One Coaching
Sales with Sully offers one-on-one personal attention with a customized coaching solution to help you overcome obstacles on your path to success. Build your personal training schedule by choosing from our module list on this page. Hourly rates as well as bundled packages available.
Setting Goals That Matter
In this module Sales with Sully, Sully talks about the importance of goal setting and shares some of the past and present goal setting techniques that actually work, such as S.M.A.R.T. Goal Setting. Most importantly, you’ll learn to set goals that matter throughout the sales process.
Time Management
Time management isn’t just a deadline. One of the things you have learned over the years is that everything takes longer than you anticipate.  In this module, we explore time management as it relates to the sales process. Getting things done at a time that is appropriate for your specific product or service. Time management works seamlessly with other modules including Goal Setting and Task Management.
Task Management
The Sales Process
Understanding every detail of the sales process is critical for sales professionals. In this module, Sully helps you “map” the entire sales process. Identifying places in the process that could use improvement and putting up guard rails to keep the process on track.
Lead Generation
By far one of our biggest, broadest, and most popular modules.  Lead generation is a multi-faceted topic with beginner, intermediate, advanced, and expert levels. Lead generation is a skill that is acquired after mastering other techniques such as, time management, networking, process improvement and rapport building.
And so much more ...
  • The art of compromise
  • What to do after a big win
  • Golf on Friday?
  • Relationship Management
  • Account Management
  • Player, Coach, Player-Coach
  • Are You Better as a Loan Wolf?
  • Farming vs. Hunting
  • Understand each step of the sales process
  • Become a master networker
  • What to do when you win
  • What to do when you fail
  • Post-sale review
  • Working with a team
  • Individual contributor
  • Technical sales
  • Relationship sales
  • Consultative sales
  • Account management vs. sales
  • Transactional sales
  • Sales cycles
  • Seasonality of sales
  • Closing techniques
  • Objection handling
  • Task management
  • Old school vs. new school
  • And the list goes on…

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Preparation 101
How prepared do you think you really are? Sully addresses the minute details of preparation that some feel is superfluous, however, you may find that a moment of planning saves an hour of your time later. This module is filled with real-life stories that we can all learn from.
Learning the art and science of becoming a master networker is the easiest path to more satisfied clients and a never-ending supply of leads. Sully will help you overcome your fears of a crowd with tips and techniques that you can incorporate into your networking along with the science that makes networking events and opportunities actually fun and profitable.
Managing Upward
This is a unique skill that is easy to learn and hard to implement. Have you ever wanted to assign tasks to your boss or to a senior member of your team? Learn how to manage projects “up” for better results.
In this module, we begin to understand that “even better if” removes emotions associated with blame, rejection, defensiveness, accusation, and criticism. Turning a criticism into a positive experience, for not only the individual but the team, makes you a better leader and highlights your positive nature with prospects, client and your team.
Failure is Just the Beginning
Aren’t you glad that human beings don’t quit after the first time they fail? Or none of us would have learned to walk. In this module, Sully talks about failure and rejection as the catalyst to even greater success. Separating fear from failure is a mindset that can be learned.
Building Rapport
Building rapport is not just the art of small talk. Learn from a master network how rapport building is different from networking and fostering a genuine interest in people has a direct positive impact on your closing ratio.
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