Scott “Sully” Sullivan


“Make a prospect a friend and you’ll have a customer for life.”

Scott Sullivan

As the Founder of Scott Sullivan & Associates Scott brings 30 years of professional sales and marketing experience in the energy sector, both domestic and international.

Having worked with global renewable energy companies on both utility and commercial projects, Scott’s experience makes him recognized as an industry expert. In the energy sector, Scott has worked on the demand side, the supply side, and energy efficiency projects, helping companies reduce their carbon footprint while saving money.

Scott was in California on the front lines of deregulation with both the gas and electricity industries. His last 20 years have been spent in the renewable energy sector working with PV panel manufacturers, power electronic manufacturers (inverters) including fuel cell manufacturers, and renewable project developers.

He has the ability to extract the value proposition from a complex multi-faceted deal, boil it down to simple concepts that are easy to understand, and pass that information on to the client.

Scott’s ability to find connections between both people and companies has earned him the reputation of a true networker and the respect of his colleagues.

What Our Clients Are Saying:

Scott’s positive attitude and fantastic training gave me the confidence to succeed in the residential solar business. His energy and genuine enthusiasm for the solar industry is contagious and he inspires his people to go out and give their best. Scott is a wonderful leader and manager, always finding the best in people and coaching through the challenges.

Lisa M.

Marketing, Sales & Business Development

Scott is a wealth of marketplace and industry knowledge coupled with great relationship building and a strong technical background. Scott creates an environment that fosters the professional growth of his team and he is always willing to share his insight. His energy and enthusiasm is infectious and his work ethic beyond comparison.

Joe H.

Solutions Sales Manager

Scott is a dynamic mover who understands the business as well as anyone in the space. He consistently delivers on his promises and provides keen insight into the market landscape. You always know where you stand with Scott and it is a pleasure to work with him.

Michael L.

CEO and Founder

Scott has been a great mentor and advisor to me. He has introduced me to key customers and supported me in building relationships with them. He has freely shared market information and his views on market trends. His advice has helped me grow in my knowledge of the markets we support, and the direction of our product. Scott’s enthusiasm for his work and his willingness to share have been assets to me!

Peter K.

Project Manager